Can the Government be persuaded into one more U Turn?

Following the uproar over the proposed taxation of charitable donations and the hullabaloo over the so called ‘Pasty Tax’, there remains another highly sensitive area of common interest that the Chancellor intends to raid in this age of austerity and coalition. This is the removal of 100% VAT tax relief on alterations to listed buildings. Although the imposition of 20% VAT on such works and to such buildings may be deemed to affect only a privileged few, this is a seismic change with the potential to impact on us all, particularly those who enjoy seeing the country’s rich built heritage in good condition and proactively maintained. It is obvious how this legislation will stagnate decision-making over whether a listed building or monument can be prioritised within already tight budgets and how this will erode the limited grant funds that are available. This legislation will add further to the weight of responsibility already placed on those individuals and organisations tasked with raising or maintaining the considerable funds necessary to protect the nation’s heritage assets. We all must recognise that we have a vested interest in doing what we can to make the Government reconsider this proposal. Please contact your MP directly or sign the petition below which closes on 27th June 2012; we will ultimately all be the ‘poorer’ should this become law.


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