Famr Shop, Planning Permission, Crathorne Estate, Estate Masterplan, Residential development Following the formation of a carefully considered and sustainable Estate Master Plan for the Crathorne Estate in 2014, planning permissions are now coming through to support the intentions made in the original document and are demonstrating the enhanced vitality intended throughout the community.The plan was put together by Rural Solutions with the Estate, holding discussions and consultations with Senior Officers of the Council and at local Parish Meetings.

Earlier this year, permission was given for the conversion of an existing building to a farm shop which opened in September time, and has been well received within the community.

Following this, working closely with the tenants at the local village pub has allowed for some great further progress to be made at another site in the village.  A new car park has been proposed, which will allow for an ease in the highway safety of those previously only being able to park on the road. In addition to this, a development of new homes and accommodation which will support the pub’s operational business. The new homes have been specifically designed to be suitable for young families, in the hope of attracting a growing community to the village, supporting the growth of services such as a post-office, pub and the farm shop.

We are delighted to have received positive support for the plans, which will deliver economic and tourism benefits, and ensure Crathorne remains a sustainable village.

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