Government Support for Self Build Homes

Last month saw the launch of the Government backed ‘Self Build Portal’ website. It forms part of the Government’s Housing Strategy to encourage people to build their own homes with an aim to double the number of self-build homes built in the UK. The UK currently lags far behind many European countries for the number of self-build projects completed each year; in countries like Austria and Germany 70-80% of homes are self-build, whereas by contrast the figure for the UK is about 10%.

One of the biggest obstacles to self-builders is often finding a suitable plot and securing that important planning permission. The recent changes to National Planning Policy in the form of the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), offer opportunities for self-builders through the redevelopment of redundant buildings and disused sites, the building of new dwellings of ‘exceptional quality or innovative nature’ and for the first time, require local planning authorities to plan for the needs of people wanting to build their own homes. Rural Solutions has extensive experience of securing planning permission for bespoke, individual houses, both new build and conversion schemes, in some of the toughest planning environments such as National Parks and the Green Belt. If you’d like to discuss how Rural Solutions could help you achieve planning permission for your dream self-build home, please contact our Head of Planning, Duncan Hartley on 0845 026 7914.

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