INDUSTRY COMMENT – Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Gummer’s Law

Article in Planning Magazine

By James Ellis, Associate Director

I was intrigued to review the article in Planning Magazine, not least as para 55 schemes are increasingly becoming a large part of our planning work here at Rural Solutions. Our significant experience in securing planning consent for exceptional or innovative new houses gives us an appreciation of how far we have come in terms of promoting and championing these brilliant feats of architecture.

Our projects range from classical masterpieces to, bold modern designs that take inspiration from the natural environment (fossils, trees etc). We have a number of houses that have been permitted in and take inspiration from areas of outstanding natural beauty and we look forward to seeing one such house we helped secure permission for, showcased on the upcoming series of Grand Designs – more news on this to follow when we can.

As a practice, we have the upmost respect for passionate landowners who decide to embark upon the route of delivering something of exceptional quality and the architects who have the creativity and execution skills to meet this policy test. Embarking upon the challenging route of securing planning consent under paragraph 55 requires investments of emotion and time, which often receive far less comment and focus than the acknowledged financial investment in such applications.

We support the retention of the paragraph 55 clause which provides landowners and architects in the U.K. with the same opportunities as owners and architects overseas, together with the retention of a high benchmark for quality attached to the policy.


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