INDUSTRY COMMENT – Championing rural development will enhance communities and prosperity

Rural development, residential development, planning permission, consentBy James Podesta, Head of Planning

We were delighted to see this very interesting article in the Yorkshire Post last Sunday in relation to housing development in rural Yorkshire. It’s great to see the importance of development in these areas being championed.

Rural Solutions has long been, and continues to be, a strong advocate for rural development of the right scale in the right location.

We have worked with a number of landowners, house builders and developers across the country in relation to supporting rural housing proposals. National policy supports housing development where it will maintain or enhance the vitality of our villages, and that is the key to sustainable development.

The article is right to focus on these developments contributing the vitality and well-planned growth of our villages and rural settlements, and our expertise is in helping landowners achieve sustainable development that enhances the local community.

Rather than focusing on negatives, the reality is that rural communities need to be embrace all that new development can bring to their communities. Opportunities for local families to remain in the areas they grew up in and continue to be close to their families, opportunities for retirees to be able to remain in a location they love but while realising their hard-earned assets through being able to downsize. Development keeps investment within a community, providing a demand for local services and therefore job creation and the preservation of community groups and facilities by people who will similarly appreciate their rural surroundings.

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