NEWS RELEASE – Rural Solutions succeeds in another planning appeal, this time for residential development in Lancashire

Rural Solutions, residential development, planning appeal overturned, suceess, rural planning rural housing, planning consultants, lancashireRural Solutions have received another positive appeal decision for an outline scheme for 20 houses in Barnoldswick.

The scheme had originally been refused by Members of Pendle Borough Council’s planning committee on highway safety, contrary to the planning officer’s recommendation.

In order to appeal the clients looked to Rural Solutions for guidance. We engaged with a highway consultant to demonstrate that there would be no significant impact to highway safety and, taking this into consideration, the Inspector agreed and allowed the appeal. A great result.

Planner, Mike Powell said ‘We are delighted that our client has been able to achieve the decision they had originally wanted for their development and have shown that their original plan was suitable and sustainable. We often have to remind clients that the appeal process is not just an administrative process, it is there for a reason. When at first a planning proposal is refused, it is only fair that if the scheme is viable, and can be proved so with the right evidence, that it will be considered again at appeal.’

With our expertise in rural planning, Rural Solutions very often sees decisions overturned at appeal stage, just by helping clients to provide the right information or evidence to support their scheme. The process is there to protect either party and ensure the framework is applied appropriately and so like in this case has proved a worthwhile exercise.

Often though, submissions are simply refused because there isn’t the right level of detail provided at the outset and this leaves authorities with no choice but to turn them down. This is still particularly challenging in more rural and sensitive areas of land and with our specialist knowledge of what makes the difference in these areas, we help clients understand how to work with their local authorities and other affected stakeholders to satisfy all parties at the point of application, and support the much-needed growth in the housing supply.

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