Rural Solutions Acquires Rural Innovation

Rural Solutions is pleased to announce it has acquired Rural Innovation. Please read on for a message from our newest Director, Rob Hindle:

September, the practical start to so many people’s year brings a new chapter for me also. After twelve years trading independently as Rural Innovation, I have joined forces with Rural Solutions Ltd, the nationwide rural planning and development specialists.

Much of the last twelve years has been spent working with clients and colleagues in the public sector trying to enhance understanding of the form and function of rural communities and economies and to develop policy and publicly funded interventions which enable sustainable growth.

This decade of rural research has demonstrated the potential that rural areas have for economic development as well as their vibrancy and fundamental resilience to economic shock. Britain’s rural areas are blessed with core assets – land, buildings, people – which overflow with economic potential and which time and again have proven capable of providing the foundation of economic diversification and innovation.

Britain’s rural areas are also attractive, and in the main part accessible. This makes them great places to live, and increasingly, viable places to provide new homes and in which to sustain the expansion of existing settlements.

Britain desperately needs more homes and Britain’s economy needs sustainable development, both to provide the facilities and infrastructure to support future growth and to provide badly needed investment in businesses, communities and households.

I am convinced that rural Britain can help to deliver this growth. It can provide land for development of new homes for workspace and for infrastructure; it can provide existing buildings for re-use as homes, workspace, shops, visitor destinations and accommodation, leisure and community facilities. Its natural beauty and high quality built environment provides an important breathing space and opportunities for leisure and relaxation for everyone.

Changes in the planning system have been introduced which, if used in the right way, will enable rural people, communities and businesses to generate a new wave of sustainable growth; growth that will have a significant and positive impact on our economic futures and on our quality of life.

The expanded Rural Solutions business is exceptionally well placed to help enable sustainable and smart rural growth and I am excited about becoming a part of its future.

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