Our architecture team has grown a lot in 2017 and we thought it was a good time to share a bit more about who they are!

The team, headed up by Malcolm Birks, are six strong and as expected at Rural Solutions, all very passionate about innovative design in the rural context.

Take a look at their latest design portfolio presenting some of the fantastic and varied schemes they have designed across the UK. From traditional to entirely unique, residential and commercial; together with our planning team, they are pushing the boundaries and raising the expectations of what is possible in the rural environment.

(Clockwise from left to right; Lucy, Al, Luke, Malcolm, Gareth and Hannah)

Malcolm is the head of the architecture team and has many years of experience in the industry. Working in London previously, mainly producing designs for residential schemes and work within the educational sector. The draw of Rural Solutions though came two and a half years ago with the opportunity to work and grow a unique and multi-disciplinary environment, leading the team in designing everything from Safari Parks, to Farm shops and lots in between!

Al is our longest standing team member of architecture, joining back in 2013 as a senior architectural technician. Working in the industry now for 15 years, he started out as an apprentice in-house at a local residential property developer’s, specialising in rural developments. From there, Al’s experience includes working on many prestigious buildings, from the renovation of a baronial castle on Loch Ness to working on projects in the districts of Chelsea and Kensington. After taking some time out to travel he returned to work as a self-employed architect. Rural Solutions approached Al to join the team based on his varied experience in high quality architecture; being a true rural enthusiast, he was delighted to accept.

Lucy is a recent Architecture graduate, she joined them team in September. She has previous experience in a Yorkshire Dales focused practice but has also worked as far afield as Vancouver while travelling. Lucy has been kept busy on a wide range of rural projects that we are currently working on, producing hand drawn sketches that really help bring our projects to life.

Hannah has been working with the team since June, but has actually been with Rural Solutions since 2015 where she supported both planning and architecture. A Masters graduate, Hannah specialises in Design and Planning and produces many graphical documents and designs to support the planning applications we submit for clients.

Luke is another new member of the team and has had a varied background although originally training as an architect, he has worked in other industries and spent time travelling before deciding to return to the profession and continue his studies with us.

Finally, Gareth also one of the longer serving members of the team has been studying hard for his Architecture qualification while working with us for the last couple of years. Soon to be fully qualified, he is a meticulous designer with a passion for rural. We wish him the best of luck in his final stages of studying!

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