The Key National Planning Policy References for Architects

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The Key National Planning Policy References for Architects Last month Rural Solutions Planning Team held a free training event for Architects on the National Planning Policy Framework and how it is being implemented across the country by Planning Officers and Planning Inspectors. A hand out listing the key references of interest in the NPPF was circulated to Architects and can be viewed by clicking here. The key messages from the event were:

–  Changes to Green Belt policy which allow the redevelopment of previously developed sites in designated area are significant and Architects are recommended to review previous proposals that failed on policy grounds;

–  The Government is firmly committed to significantly boosting the supply of housing meaning that applications for developments outside of ‘development limits’ are being permitted in areas of under supply;

–  There is strong support for economic development and development schemes which bring economic benefits to an area, if justified correctly, are being supported by Local Authorities; Rural Solutions’ Head of Planning, Duncan Hartley, explains to Architects how Government changes in to Green Belt policy were used to secure a residential development following release of the National Planning Policy Framework

–  The NPPF provides much greater scope for developments in rural areas and in particular supports the conversion of redundant buildings to a residential use. Rural Solutions Planning Team offered to review any development proposals and to advise on if and how they can be successfully promoted in light of the NPPF. If you have any queries about the NPPF and how it impacts upon development proposals or land and buildings please do not hesitate to contact Duncan Hartley, James Ellis or Shelley Coffey on 01756 796199.The Key National Planning Policy References for Architects

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