INDUSTRY COMMENT – Rural Solutions welcomes new minister for housing and planning

Rural development, residential development, planning permission, consentThe latest Cabinet reshuffle sees the appointment of a new housing and planning minister, to a newly branded ‘Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’, signalling an increased priority placed upon the continuing housing crisis.


Although interesting to note, we also acknowledge this will likely mean more upheaval and further inconsistencies in direction and vision – at a time where in the rural community, we are seeking support and certainty – in light of the ongoing Brexit debates.

We welcome Dominic Raab although apprehensive about the impact of policy on planning and development in rural areas. Known for his strong opposition to development in the Green Belt we have to hope that he doesn’t want to stifle the progress made within the planning system. This could be disastrous in terms of the current housing shortage. Executive Director James Del Mar adds ‘It’s time for central Government to start acting on its past commitments to supporting rural Britain with clear policy direction, including as to when development in the green belt is acceptable.’

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