INDUSTRY COMMENT – a new definition of "Isolated Homes"

isolated homes, planning, policy, appeal, consent, rural development, residential development, rural housingA recent appeal that has taken place at Braintree District Council has resulted in the scrutiny of the definition of the term ‘isolated’.

It can be suggested by the original refusal that ‘isolated’ meant ‘isolated from services’ such as transport links rather than other dwellings. However, the appeal ruled in favour of the development due to the argument that there were other dwellings nearby and there was no reason why the new housing could not be of benefit to nearby rural settlements even if it had no or few community or transport links.

It is therefore possible that going forward, in areas that haven’t got suitable local or neighbourhood plans, as long as the development is near other houses, even if it is outside a settlement boundary there can be a presumption in favour of the development, rather than against as previously thought.

This is a big change potentially meaning there could be more applications being considered based on this new outcome. In addition, this should create further incentive for local authorities to update their local plans in order to address this.

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