On Friday 1st November we completed our charity cycle challenge in aid to The Country Trust.

The cycling team of 4, set off at Friday midday and set quite a furious pace, changing over every hour.

We didn’t quite anticipate the rate that they were going to keep up and they stormed through!

The journey was mapped across a map of Great Britain. We stopped at various Country Trust volunteer locations, hearing from them and our colleagues via video, along the way, offering words of encouragement, which was lovely and really helped us to remember why we were there.

Afternoon turned into evening, more supporters arrived for some food, drinks and encouragement, along with the wonderful addition of local epic triathlete and Pride of Britain nominee, Sam Boatwright, who came to help!

As the night wore on, legs were getting tired, not to mention other sore areas (as you can imagine if you’ve spent any length of time on a Watt bike!) we calculated that we may end up finishing the challenge in almost half the time we had originally planned! We really didn’t expect the team to be able to keep up such a pace, some achieving well over 30km in an hour stint, when we had planned for an average of about 14!

We did finally finish at 00.11am! And in that time, hit £4,000 worth of pledges. A figure that we never dreamed of achieving when we set out. The team effort has been incredible and the support and enthusiasm, wonderful to be a part of.

The final amount as of Monday 4th November was a grand total of £5,200 (including Gift Aid and offline donations) and we may even have some more to come through.

Every single donation, and message of support has meant so much and we are very proud to be making a real impact in donations to the Country Trust. Thank you for your generosity.

We extend further thanks to Jetts Gym, Skipton who lent us their Watt bikes, took part in the challenge with us, as well as Craven Leisure and Sandylands gym who also provided bikes for us.

The Country Trust said…

“What a superb event! I can’t believe that you did it in half the time and raised more than twice the amount of money first predicted. It was beautifully organised, with so much wonderful support not only in the incredible amount raised, but in the willingness and enthusiasm by so many to take part. It was a privilege to be with you all on Friday and experience the teamwork, energy and conviviality that clearly makes you such a successful organisation.

This is a significant donation for us. For example, £500 will provide a class of around 25-30 with a free Farm Discovery Day giving them an opportunity to experience the beauty of the countryside and understand where their food comes from. £70 will pay for a child from an inner city to go and stay in the countryside on one of our residential visits. Our Food Discovery programmes bring growing and cooking into schools all year round, and each programme is bespoke to the children’s needs. On average, they cost in the region of £5,000 each and can change the lives of up to 60 children and their families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country.”

We can only achieve so much with the dedication of our wonderful colleagues.