QWorkery coworking space


Rural Solutions were recently commissioned to design an exciting new co-working space in the heart of Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Sutcliffe Construction commissioned the team to design and obtain planning approval for the refurbishment and conversion of the existing shops to form retail space on the ground floor with office space above.

The team also worked closely with the tenant, Qworkery Ltd, whose aim was to redefine the traditional co-working space to create a vibrant atmosphere for a range of small businesses and remote workers. The innovative concept involved flexible space with hotdesking areas and bookable meeting space for local start-ups and remote workers. Rural Solutions worked tirelessly to make sure the design of the layout met the client’s requirements.

The key to the design was the creation of ‘social spaces’ in order to give the development a sense of community. This resulted in a series of smart, contemporary spaces providing a much-needed place for the burgeoning demand created by remote working.

This extensive conversion project also involved two extended retail areas at ground floor level demonstrating an inventive way to reuse town centre buildings to combat the national trend of diminishing town centres and high streets.

While the concept of Coworking is certainly nothing new, its rapid growth in recent years has been seen as a viable way of addressing the decline of high street retail in urban centres and redundant buildings in rural areas. Here at Rural Solutions we have been involved in over 20 diversification schemes involving the conversion of underused and redundant buildings to offices and workshops, helping to bring additional income to land and asset holders whilst also helping to sustain rural communities by bringing in economic activity and providing local jobs.

Completed project photography courtesy of Stephen Garnett Photography