INDUSTRY COMMENT – Rural Solutions' consultation response to the draft revised NPPF

Rural development, residential development, planning permission, consentOn 10th May 2018, we provided our consultation response on the revised, draft NPPF to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.  Here is an overview of what we shared with them.


Download: Draft NPPF Consultation Response




  • We welcome the changes allowed for farmers to accommodate retiring members of family on their land and the subdivision of their property to generate income;
  • We continue to push for more sustainable commercial development and diversification where appropriate in the Green Belt and other protected areas; and
  • We recommend relaxing the definition of previously development land in order to create further opportunities for rural landowners to redevelop existing assets.

Come to our NPPF events

We are also planning to host some ‘NPPF in action’ events in Yorkshire or Oxfordshire this autumn, dates to be confirmed. If you are interested in attending one of these, let us know by emailing and stating your preferred location.

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