An estate diversification and renewable energy project through installation of a 1Mw Anaerobic Digestion plant generating renewable energy from the Estate’s agricultural crops and to enable drying of wood chips to create biomass pellets for sale.

With Leeds City Council, Rural Solutions undertook extensive local community consultation including letter drops, parish council consultation, meetings with owners of properties in the locality and three Estate tours for local councillors and residents. This project, within the greenbelt, was granted consent in 2014 and was built out in 2015.

The planning approval has brought benefits to the local school and other biomass users in the areas who are now supplied by the Farm. This has given the Estate a supplementary income through the sale of biomass and a clean disposal route for their crops while playing a small part in assisting the Government with their renewable energy targets. Each year the Grange plant generates enough energy to power 1,700 homes.


Image credited to Topping Engineers

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