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Responding to the growing demand for rural leisure and tourism experiences.

a pair of comfy seats neat to a campfire

Consumer demand for experiences in rural locations and natural landscapes is high. Whether that's visitor attractions such as adventure play, farm and wildlife parks, active sports, eco-tourism, cultural and heritage experiences. Accommodation from hotels, cottages, and lodges to glamping, and camping. Retreats, wellness experiences and access to nature for relaxation and mindfulness. The opportunities for operators and new entrants are many and varied.

A bath in a safari lodge @ The Nest glamping site
A mountain biker in the forest with the sunlight coming through the trees

Stand-out experiences

From high-end luxury experiences to mass market attractions, our portfolio of leisure projects shows how shaping creative concepts and bringing them to life with development and operational capabilities lead to exceptional visitor experiences. We can identify and test the options by looking at market dynamics to determine the right concept and operating model, for the right location. We can shape your concept, test its viability, design it, and manage the project from planning to opening day.

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