Norfolk Local Plans Bulletin - The Broads

By Nicole Wright | 26.01.24

We are now well into the new year with a general election on the horizon. We have compiled local plan updates which we hope will provide clarity on the planning framework to guide important decisions. This update reports on the status of local plans in The Broads, Norfolk.


The Broads Authority Emerging Local Plan

The Broads Authority (BA) is preparing a new local plan.

The Regulation 18 Issues and Options Consultation ended on 9th December 2022. Following the assessment of the consultation responses, the BA will consult on the next stage of the plan.

The Draft Regulation 19 Preferred Options Consultation is currently scheduled to start in spring 2024.

The current consultation on Draft Tourism and Recreation Strategy closes on 17th February.

Consultation on the Draft Tourism and Recreation Strategy 2024 -29 began in January 2024.

The Tourism and Recreation Strategy will sit under the Broads Plan. The consultation is open to businesses and individuals with an interest in the impacts and benefits of the visitor economy. It was prepared by the Broads Authority with valuable input from Visit the Broads.

The consultation is open until 5pm on Saturday 17th February.

The Strategy is intended to harness the opportunities to maintain growth in the Broads in a sustainable way. The BA recognises sustainable recreation and tourism as fundamental to meeting its statutory purposes and duties.

The action plan sets 8 primary objectives focusing on three key themes:

  • Nature: Greening the Broads,
  • Place: Valuing the National Park, and
  • People: A landscape for all.

It is anticipated that the new strategy and action plan and linked Integrated Access Strategy will be adopted in spring 2024.

A link to the consultation strategy website is available here.

About the Broads National Park

The Broads National Park is a unique member of the UK National Park family. It supports around 7,000 jobs and attracts between 7 and 8 million visitors annually.

With a quarter of the park receiving international designation for its biodiversity, nine national nature reserves, and 28 sites of specific scientific interest, conservation of the Broads is hugely significant to the biodiversity of the UK. It is Britain’s largest protected wetland.

The length of navigable waterways (rivers and broads) in the Broads National Park covers over 125 miles (200km) of Norfolk and Suffolk. There are seven rivers, and over 60 broads in the National Park ranging from small pools to vast expanses of water.

In 2024, National Parks UK intends to invite its members to sign up to a common vision:

UK National Parks will be leaders in regenerative tourism. We will champion and support tourism development that contributes to the enhancement and regeneration of the places and communities in which it operates, supporting tourism activity that helps reduce carbon emissions and increase nature recovery, whilst ensuring National Parks are relevant to everyone’s needs.'

If you would like to know more, or would like assistance in submitting your representation on the draft strategy, please contact by Saturday 10th February.

The consultation closes on Saturday 17th February at 5pm.



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