Dark Skies

By Sally Ormiston | 04.04.24

This month, International Dark Sky Week will be recognised across the world in celebration of the dark and natural night.

For many, the dark night is often misunderstood, unfamiliar, and frightening. But the natural night is filled with wonder and awe and is critical to the health and well-being of our planet.

With seven of the world's 21 International Dark Sky Reserves located in the UK’s national parks and National Landscapes (AONBs), our work often requires us to consider the impact of rural development on the integrity of the night skies.

When designing and applying for planning permission for rural development schemes, lighting is of key importance

Potential light pollution from development in the countryside will be assessed by planning authorities. Authorities look at how lighting will affect local amenities or rural tranquillity. They must also ensure schemes comply with national or local policies on light pollution.

Development schemes, whether for housing, leisure, or commercial property need to consider where, when, and how much light will shine from proposed developments.

Minimising glare and glow that will brighten the night sky are key considerations, especially in ‘dark sky’ areas. Careful thought and design in relation to the type of lighting used, the times the lights will be on, and the positioning of lights are important.

How we approach lighting considerations for rural development schemes

When working with a client, it’s important to determine what technical considerations need to be considered for rural development schemes, as well as sourcing the right advisors and interpreting technical reports to inform planning and design solutions. We work with several specialists who can assess the potential impact of lighting and advise on suitable systems.

The need for good design in the rural environment and balancing the experience of the end user with sensitivity to setting is important. Our design team ensures buildings, and their surroundings are designed to enhance and complement the rural places and landscapes they are located in.

Celebrate the beauty of dark skies all year

Events to celebrate dark skies take place throughout the year in the UK. In the Yorkshire Dales there’s a Dark Skies Fringe Festival held in the autumn. The North York Moors and The South Downs have festivals in the winter.

We invite you to join us as we discover the night together and take action to reduce light pollution https://idsw.darksky.org/.

The ‘dark sky’ movement is all about protecting the nighttime environment from light pollution.



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