Commercial and consumer enterprises

Innovative and entrepreneurial use of rural land and property.

Chalk Restaurant interior, at Wiston Estate

Diversification of rural land and property for commercial and consumer enterprises offers a range of opportunities for owners. Renewable energy, events venues, offices, light industrial, retail, forestry, horticulture, food production, farm shops, artisan and creative industries, breweries, educational establishments, green burial and more. We are experts in the imaginative reuse of rural property to support enterprises that create jobs and economic opportunities.

Thwaites new business HQ in rural lancashire
drawing of the interior of the Nevil Holt Opera

The right enterprise in the right place

We can assess the size and characteristics of the market to decide the right enterprise for your location. We design spaces that will suit a range of different enterprises. We can help you determine the right type of diversification, the right operating model and the planning and development approach to make it happen.

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