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The Para 79 vision developed from a well-defined understanding of the landscape which was explored and documented in a comprehensive Landscape Appraisal following extensive site and desk top analysis. It was the initial landscape analysis which identified the ideal location for a house, the visual relationship it would have with the context and access route to the property.

A collective vision was developed through a close working relationship formed between the client, architect and landscape architect to ensure a holistic and well-balanced vision emerged. Peel towers found within the wider landscape influenced the massing and character which is reflected in the confident central form of the house. The established woodland setting and pond provided opportunities for a private and secluded setting embracing the best aspect and protection from prevailing weather.

Significant enhancements were embodied within the proposals which included reversion of intensive agricultural land to parkland, woodland planting and management, reinstatement of historic wooded walks, species rich meadows and improved aquatic habitats.

Following positive engagement with the local authority proposals were approved.