The client wanted a new residential dwelling, within the historic curtilage of their existing Grade II listed property. The site was on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, on a visible and steeply sloping site. A number of trees bounding the site were the subject of Tree Preservation Orders.

The proposed new house was designed to provide stunning views to distant hilltops whilst at the same time not appearing overly prominent in its landscape setting. New trees were proposed around the building to allow views across their canopies and the house has a flat, sedum roof further limiting its visual impact.

Working closely with Planning Officers Rural Solutions’ Planning and Design Teams were able to overcome initial concerns regarding the house’s environmental impact. The house includes a number of renewable and off-grid technologies and in energy usage will deliver a fifty percent improvement above current building regulations.

In addition to the design elements of the project, a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) was prepared by Rural Solutions to assess the visual impact of proposals and demonstrate that the collective vision was respectful of the wider landscape setting.

The planning application was approved under delegated powers.


Architectural Design by Rural Solutions