The draft designs for the house and landscape  were well advanced by the time Rural Solutions were appointed. Our initial role was to seek to join up the design approach to addressing policy – seeking to achieve architecture and landscape architecture designs that were as one. Our role was also to identify and manage the necessary additional evidence base required to meet the stringent tests of planning policy, especially landscape policy. 

The collaborative approach of client, architect, landscape architect and planner, focussed on an agreed evidence base, was pivotal in gaining the necessary support of the independent design review panel (d:se). That support in turn was essential in gaining the support of the planning committee.

The design review panel provided a rare and unequivocal statement in that it agreed that this proposal fully met the tests of paragraph 55 (now 79) of the NPPF. The planning committee gave a first time approval of the application.     


Architectural Design by Seymour Smith Architects