News and views: Spring 2024

By William Fry | 22.03.24

As the nights get lighter and welcome signs of spring appear, it’s good to see more people out and about in the communities we live in. Winter can feel especially long when you live in beautiful, but sometimes remote rural places.

It seems fitting then, that the start of the year has seen us busy with projects sustaining rural communities through the delivery of new housing. With an election looming, the housing crisis is likely to be a hot topic, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the countryside.

The sustainability of rural life depends on the provision of housing that meets the needs of local people. Without this we risk stagnating economic growth and limiting the vibrancy and diversity of rural communities. Statistics on the worsening affordability of homes in the countryside, and a growing aging rural population, only serve to highlight the challenge.

With numerous rural planning authorities reviewing their local plans, and expansions to permitted development rights creating opportunities to develop existing buildings, there are opportunities for landowners to think differently about rural housing.

New biodiversity net gain rules mean that developers must prioritise green and blue space and put nature at the forefront of decision-making.

Our spring newsletter brings together our thoughts on rural housing, a complex and often divisive topic.

From my part, I am pleased to see we are part of the solution. Development that is appropriate, high quality and of its place is in demand. We are involved in a range of projects from self-build and Passivhaus schemes to site promotion, new rural settlements, and traditional developments.

Staying on topic, our ‘home team’ has grown recently. We are delighted to welcome Rich Mills and Keely Shaw to our consulting team, James Sackley to our planning team, and Baz Armstrong to our design team. International Women’s Day and Employee Appreciation Day was an opportunity to reflect on the strength and commitment of our incredible team.

We hope you enjoy reading our news. Do share your feedback. We’d love to hear from you.




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